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Smart Contract Audit
Made in Germany

Smart Contract Audits (Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Polygon, Solana, Tezos, Binance Smart Chain)  by a reputable company are an essential part of any smart contract development.
While the rise of blockchain presents a unique opportunity to create smart contracts for digital assets, such as token. Smart Contract applications come with unique security concerns that have historically led to millions of USD in losses (The DAO or Parity Freeze).

To mitigate these risks, it is necessary to conduct Smart Contract Security Audits, also to provide transparency to the investors and community.

Chainsulting provides an audit with the German technology and security standards, which are the highest in the world. 

Our Process

Notable Audits

How We Work

1 --------

PREPARATION Supply our team with audit ready code and additional materials

2 --------

COMMUNICATION We setup a real-time communication tool of your choice or communicate via e-mails.

3 --------

We conduct the audit, suggesting fixes to all vulnerabilities and help you to improve.

4 --------

Your development team applies fixes while consulting with our auditors on their safety.

5 --------

We check the applied fixes and deliver a full report on all steps done.


Smart Contract Security Audit is an in-depth analysis to detect and eliminate the coding flaws and vulnerabilities. 

Benefits of getting your smart contract audited are: code improvements, prevent vulnerabilities, avoid costly errors, ensures security, secure user funds and gain trust within the industry.

Audit duration highly depends on various factors, such as code complexity, size, quality, etc. It is impossible for us to provide a time estimate without seeing your code.

Audit timeline and costs depending on various factors, such as code complexity, size, quality, etc. It is impossible for us to provide estimates without seeing your code.

You can check all public available reports via our GitHub repository