Smart Contract Audit
Made in Germany

Made in Germany
Smart Contract Audits (Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Tezos)ย  by a reputable company are an essential part of any smart contract development. While the rise of blockchain presents a unique opportunity to create smart contracts for digital assets, such as token. Smart Contract applications come with unique security concerns that have historically led to millions of USD in losses (The DAO or Parity Freeze). To mitigate these risks, it is necessary to conduct Smart Contract Security Audits, also to provide transparency to the investors and community. Chainsulting provides an audit with the German technology and security standards, which are the highest in the world. An audit by Chainsulting includes the following:

โœ” Certificate of Compliance
โœ” Full Report & Recommendations
โœ”ย Automated Vulnerability Test (Mythril, Slither, Oyente, MythX, Solhint, HoneyBadger)
โœ”ย Manual Security Testing (SWC-Registry, Overflow etc.)
โœ”ย Coding Conventions Check
โœ”ย Function and logic testing

Notable Audits

DIA Token

Nexxo Token

DIA Yield

Puml Token (EOS)

Stacktical Token

TST Token


โ€œIs your token an ERC20 Token?

If Yes Please upload the Code Audit Reportโ€


โ€œIf your project is an ERC20 token, please provide a smart contract audit report by a professional institutionโ€


โ€œWas a code review performed of your smart contract? If so, by whom? Please provide all relevant documents.โ€


โ€œSuch inspection includes but are not limited to: legal compliance, operation health, technical safety, etcโ€