Security Token Offering
Solutions & Advisory

Security Token Offerings (STO) are a modern and innovative way for companies to fund their projects. Security Token can be equity, bonds, funds or tokenized assets. Chainsulting offers full-service, regulatory support, project management, company formation and much more. Clients who trust Chainsulting come from e.g. Australia, South Africa, USA and Europe.

Our Process

Initial Phase

โ€ข Initial Workshop
โ€ขย Team Building (Development, Tech, Marketing, Management)
โ€ขย Specification of the Offering (Whitepaper, SAFT/Memorandum, Prospectus)
โ€ขย Company Formation for Tokenization

Duration: 1-2 months

Marketing Phase

โ€ข Marketing (Web, Social Media, Content, Listings)
โ€ขย Token Issuance (Polymath)
โ€ข Contracts & Policy (Terms & Conditions, KYC/AML)
โ€ขย Broker/Dealer and VC Network Access

Duration: 1-2 months

Sale Phase

โ€ข Investor Whitelisting & Dashboard
โ€ขย Private/Public Sale
โ€ข Payment Collection (Bank, Credit Card, Crypto)
โ€ขย KYC/AML/Sanction List Verificationย 

Duration: 2-3 months

After Phase

โ€ข Token Distributionย 
โ€ขย Secure Custodian Wallet
โ€ข Exchange Listingย 
โ€ขย Documentation and Advisory

Duration: 1 month

Our Top Advisor

Yannik Heinze

โ€“ STO/ETO Advisor
โ€“ Blockchain Specialist
โ€“ Head of Development
โ€“ Startup Advisor

Florian Protschka

โ€“ STO/ETO Advisor
โ€“ Capital Market Specialist
โ€“ Head of Finance
โ€“ Startup Advisor

You want to raise capital for your project through an STO?ย ย