Why Advisors are needed for an ICO

Token Sale Advisory

Florian Protschka


Today it is easier to start a crowdfunding campaign with an ICO than on any other way. There are many of these crowdsales every month. For people, who want to participate on it, it is not always easy to see, how reliable the company and project behind the crowdsale is.
Because of the wide range of crowdsales, it is important that the companies present themselves professional.
How can companies properly present themselves for their ICO? Most importantly, they have a clear business model, which they communicate clearly and simply. They should also have a team that covers all the important areas that belong to the success of a project. These are, for example, the areas of development, marketing, sales and of course an experienced CEO.
However, external advisors and supporters are needed too. They stand for the seriousness of the project and advise the team during the implementation. These advisors are needed for a crowdsale to be successful. The potential buyers of the tokens now see that behind the project are not only dreamy young entrepreneurs. And for the company, it is important to be able to ask advisors in various areas for advice. As a result, companies often have different advisors for different areas. These areas are for example blockchain, business development, marketing or even experts from the own industry.
Often, the advisors stay in contact with the company over the long term. And everyone knows how important it is for companies, to build a good network from the beginning of the project.

Chainsulting, as a blockchain consulting company, is in several advisory boards.  The australian companies  Touch Social and Free Market Token are only two examples for such ones, who trust us.

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