TOUCH. – TST Token Smart Contract Audit


Yannik Heinze


Chainsulting smart contract audit’s team was asked to audit the contracts for the Data Revolution Technologie PTY LTD – TST Token contract. We looked at the code and now publish our results and findings.

The audited code is located in the Ethereum Blockchain as Smart Contracts.

TST Token address:


The audit makes no statements or warrantees about utility of the code, safety of the code, suitability of the business model, regulatory regime for the business model, or any other statements about fitness of the contracts to purpose, or their bug free status. The audit documentation is for discussion purposes only.

Project overview

Company address:
Data Revolution Technologies Pty Ltd.
240 Queen Street
Brisbane QLD 4000


Data Revolution Technologies Pty Ltd, an innovations and software company, under

the guidance of co-founders Patrick Heaton, Mark Francis, Tyrone Crook and, Aidan Pennell, has taken up to its name in “changing the way data is used and stored”.

Touch is a young and motivated collective bent on making a revolutionary wallet backed by eCommerce and Web 3.0. We aim to develop and release the Touch Wallet – Your all in one cryptocurrency wallet that allows real world payments via your smart phones NFC. Touch TST Tokens are also used within the Touch Social app and will be the next stage after the wallet development.



A majority of the code was standard and copied from widely-used and reviewed contracts and as a result, a lot of the code was reviewed before. It correctly implemented widely-used and reviewed contracts for safe mathematical operations. The audit identified no major security vulnerabilities, at the moment of audit.

Audit #0626201825  Verify the certificate on Ethereum

Join their funding campaign and support the development, of the new generation Wallet.

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