Smart Contract Audit
Made in Germany

Smart Contract Audits (Ethereum, Stellar, EOS)  by a reputable company are an essential part of any smart contract development. After every Token Sale, usually the listing on an exchange is following. An audit is a requirement for this. Even without a listing, an audit is very important to provide security to the investors and the community.
Smart contracts are not simple developments whose mistakes have only a little effect. Mistakes in the development of a smart contract make the whole project fail. That is the reason why the audit is an obligatory procedure.

Chainsulting provides an audit with the German technology and security standards, which are the highest in the world. An audit by Chainsulting includes the following:

✔ Certificate from a German business consulting company
✔ Full Report
✔ Social Media post
✔ Blog Article
✔ Verification on Ethereum (solidstamp)


“Is your token an ERC20 Token? If Yes Please upload the Code Audit Report”



“If your project is an ERC20 token, please provide a smart contract audit report by a professional institution”



“Was a code review performed of your smart contract? If so, by whom? Please provide all relevant documents.”



“Such inspection includes but are not limited to: legal compliance, operation health and technical safety, etc”


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