Strategic Partner


Together more successfull

Safely advising Digital Assets / DLT / Blockchain projects to success is our primary objective. To achieve that goal, we are working together with Strategic Partners who bring added value, to further ensure success to all participants – our partners, clients, and us.

Partners bring new insight to projects, offer unique approaches when addressing the pain-points of the industry, and through our cooperation, we are able to deliver a more complete advisory package.

IT-Security Partner

Prestige IT is a US based IT and cybersecurity services provider, specializing in organizational security and internal risk mitigation crafted specifically for blockchain startups. With a comprehensive list of service offerings ranging from strategic cybersecurity advising, regulatory compliance, secure crypto asset management, and traditional managed IT services, Prestige IT implements solutions for their clients to help protect against the unique risk within the blockchain industry. Learn more about Prestige IT on their website:

Media Services Partner

Blue Slide is a veteran in the online marketing industry - They transform your business from analogue to digital and set you up for success in this new data driven environment.

Platform for Tokenization

We assist companies, asset managers and token issuers in customizing legal, strategic and tech solutions in cooperation with our partners to match their business models, comply with regulations and issue security tokens.

Escrow Partner