Our Services

  • Business Consultant

    We are a Business Consulting Company in fields of Security Token Sales, Blockchain, DLT, Crowdfunding, e-payment and more. Chainsulting assists companies during and after their crowdfunding.

  • Development

    You need customized blockchain developments for your project? The interface to the blockchain world, your MVP, your complete product and yoour secure smart contract - we offer almost every development.

  • Audit

    A new technology also requires a professional approach to security and standards compliance. Through our code audits you are professionally positioned.

  • Investment and Consulting

    You want to invest in Security Token or other digital assets? You need a consultation and risk assessment? We are a reliable contact for you and introduce you to startups, projects and digital assets.

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Crypto Market

Bitcoins, Ethereum & Co.

Trading in Cryptographic Currencies & Assets was reserved only for a small group of people, till recently .
Chainsulting advises individuals and companies, to change this. We help you to invest safely and successfully in this new market.

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Our Projects

Projects in which we are involved

  • Chain.Cards

    Wallet to go
  • Blockchain ABC

    E-Book & Print
  • AirDrop.Deals

    AirDrop Listing Site
  • STOdates.com

    STO/ETO Listing Site
  • Chainscan.net

    Multi-Blockchain Explorer

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