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Florian Protschka


Today we find different trends regarding the digital future. The growing e-commerce market is one example. More and more people are buying online. Online shopping has clear advantages: It is faster, cheaper and more flexible. And by the way, also comfortable. E-commerce solutions can be online shopping platforms for one product class, such as sport, computers or apparel. Also such solutions can be platforms that cover all areas. Popular e-commerce platforms are marketplaces, where private and corporate vendors alike can offer products.

E-Commerce share of total global retail sales from 2015 to 2021:

Source: Statista

The statistics above shows, that the value of 2015 will be 2.36 times higher after 6 years. In year 2021 the value is 10,1% higher than 2015.  A close look at the graph shows that between 2020 and 2021 an increase of 2% takes place, which is the highest in the entire development of the 6 years. This trend may imply that in 2030 the value is more than 33%, meaning 1/3 of all retail sales will be in e-commerce.

Another new technology is increasingly taking place. It is the blockchain technology, which influences many industries such as logistics,  finance or the manufacturing process. The most popular development based on the blockchain technology are cryptocurrencies.

Free Market Token, a company from Brisbane, Australia, combines both of these fields. They developed the e-commerce solution Ecryptostore. On the marketplace Ecryptostore people can sell and buy products with cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies for example can be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash and Litecoin. But people who do not have cryptocurrencies also can pay with FIAT money.

Free Market Token is a powerful utility token enhancing the e-commerce experience while rewarding and protecting both shoppers and merchants.

Several problems Ecryptostore wants to solve:

•  It provides a safe environment to transact with cryptocurrency with minimal risk of fraud.

•  Merchants can avoid the exposure of market price fluctuation and processing delay times associated with typical crypto escrow services.

•  Tax invoice provings are providing the purchase of goods in a personal use-case.

•  The hassle of engaging web-developers to build an ecommerce store is avoided. Merchants simple set up their storefront.

•  These Merchant storefronts are conglomerated on one single platform which attracts a wider audience base.

•  Accepted are cryptocurrencies locally or from anywhere.

Free Market Token performs a token sale. This allows a large amount of (future) users to participate in the success and growth of the platform through the participation in the crowdsale.
Chainsulting is part of the advisory board and accompanies Free Market Token in the spaces of  blockchain and crowdsale.

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