Crypto Gift Cards – a new way to gift


Florian Protschka


Gift Cards – always a nice idea to gift

Gift cards have long been a popular variant of gift giving. On the one hand, they give the recipients a certain freedom, what they buy with the card. At the same time, the gift cards of a brand or a retailer always show that the buyer has thought about the gift. Because the brand or retailer always says something about the recipient and the relationsship between buyer and recipient. For exmaple a gift card like from a perfumery or a wine store.
Gift Cards can be designed in the own brand design or with some funny graphics. It is easy to produce more than a card.

Gift Cards – extended with personal messages

It is also possible, that the buyers extend their gift cards with own personal digital messages. Via QR-Code they can add, for example, a Happy Birthday Video to the card. The gift card will be directly connected with a digital card, with own videos, photos, audios, texts and more. This makes the gift card solution more emotional. Our partner offers the sytem, that companies can use easily for their gift cards.

Crypto Gift Cards – a new way to gift

The newest way to gift is, to buy gift cards for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, are being used by more and more young people. With Chain.Cards it is easy to gift a crypto gift card. The buyer gets an empty card and can load it with the wished amount of cryptocurrencies. The crypto gift card as well is the cold wallet, where the public and private keys are stored on. Therefore the recipient does not think about, how to store the cryptocurrencies. The gift card is a gift and a wallet as well.
If you search a modern and innovative gift, think about the crypto gift card of Chain.Cards.


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