• 10 Tips on how to spend your cryptocurrencies


    1# newegg – tech for bitcoins See more » https://newegg.com 2# Overstock – Marketplace Overstock.com is a kind like amazon and allows customers to purchase a lot of items with Bitcoin (BTC) and lot more. See more » https://www.overstock.com 3# BITGILD – Make your Bitcoins golden Bitgild, allows customers to purchase gold coins and other … Continue reading “10 Tips on how to spend your cryptocurrencies”

  • Smart Contracts – an introduction

    Smart Contract

    Often, connected with the blockchain technology, you hear and read, about Smart Contracts. Because of the decentralized system of a blockchain, it is possible to execute transactions without a third party, which would check the process and settlement. A smart contract is a come together of two parties who want to exchange money, property or … Continue reading “Smart Contracts – an introduction”

  • Crypto Gift Cards – a new way to gift


    Gift Cards – always a nice idea to gift Gift cards have long been a popular variant of gift giving. On the one hand, they give the recipients a certain freedom, what they buy with the card. At the same time, the gift cards of a brand or a retailer always show that the buyer … Continue reading “Crypto Gift Cards – a new way to gift”