Customer Stories

Free Market Token Pty Ltd
Branch: Marketplace
Employees:  30
Location: Australia 
Operations: Token Sale Advisory 

Free Market Token is a cryptocurrency Buy/Sell Platform. Through the Free Market Token they provide an opportunity for anyone to easily buy and sell goods using cryptocurrency.

Touch Social Pty Ltd.
Branch: Social Media
Employees:  20
Location: Australia 
Operations: Token Sale Advisory, Smart Contract Audit

Touch. will develop and deploy a world class social media application based on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform will rival current social media standards by creating a decentralised network for users while maintaining full transparency throughout growth and beyond.

Fry Egg LLC
Branch: Health coaching platform
Employees:  20
Location: USA 
Operations: Token Sale Advisory

Fry Egg is a platform, where coaches and customers come in contact. Customers will find their suitable coach and also many useful help on topics such as sports and healthy nutrition.

Smart Contract Audit

Finom AG
Employees:  20
Location: Switzerland 
Operations: Smart Contract Audit

Finom uses the blockchain technology to create reliable, convenient financial services integratedinto the financial ecosystem.