• Digital Money – an overview


    The world is digitally evolving so fast, thanks to the internet and the electronic infrastructure that is being laid in almost all parts of the globe. The process has triggered a huge demand for a digital way of doing transactions that are efficient and convenient for users. A decade ago, the concept of digital money … „Digital Money – an overview“ weiterlesen

  • Touch Wallet – Every Crypto At Your Fingerprint.


    Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular among the masses and many people are interested in this relatively new kind of digital currency. The most well-known cryptocurrency and also the first one who became public is Bitcoin. One of the differences to traditional currencies is, that cryptocurrencies are not stored in a bank account. The access keys … „Touch Wallet – Every Crypto At Your Fingerprint.“ weiterlesen

  • Security Token – The Next Stage of Tokenized Economy


    2017 was truly the year of ICOs and a kind of Wild West, but regulations as well unexpected exits around some crowdfundings, keep ICOs in a shady light. Does it mean that all tokens from the past raises are worthless? No, the most of the ICOs distribute so-called utility tokens, that can be used on … „Security Token – The Next Stage of Tokenized Economy“ weiterlesen

  • Free Market Token – E-Commerce and Blockchain


    Today we find different trends regarding the digital future. The growing e-commerce market is one example. More and more people are buying online. Online shopping has clear advantages: It is faster, cheaper and more flexible. And by the way, also comfortable. E-commerce solutions can be online shopping platforms for one product class, such as sport, … „Free Market Token – E-Commerce and Blockchain“ weiterlesen

  • TOUCH. – TST Token Smart Contract Audit


    Chainsulting smart contract audit’s team was asked to audit the contracts for the Data Revolution Technologie PTY LTD – TST Token contract. We looked at the code and now publish our results and findings. The audited code is located in the Ethereum Blockchain as Smart Contracts. TST Token address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5e0af01930c8dc676a6dc7133bd86370a0be3953 Disclaimer The audit makes no … „TOUCH. – TST Token Smart Contract Audit“ weiterlesen

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