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Business Consultant

We are a Business Consulting Company in fields of Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain, Security Token Offering, Digital Assets and more. Chainsulting assists companies as project manager and consultant.


Do you need customized developments for your project? The interface to the blockchain world, your MVP, your complete product or your secure smart contract - we offer almost every development.


New technology also requires a professional approach to security and standards compliance. Through our code audits you are professionally positioned.

Companies Who Trust Us

Our clients make us who we are.
We feel so fortunate to have worked with such outstanding businesses.

Penetration test partner of chainsulting
Sport app startup that uses blockchain
Client of Chainsulting in Blockchain space
Silicon valley blockchain startup was client of Chainsulting
Blockchain startup from Australia
advisory, development and audit for blockchain startup from Australia
Client for smart contract audit
Smart contract audit for their ICO
crowdsale advisory for US startup
Security Token Offering Partner